‘Dusk till Dawn in the Arizona Desert’ are two mini design collections aimed at commercial skate brands such as Braindead, Huff, Volcom and Santa Cruz, which capture the essence of day and night coexisting within parallel panoramic landscapes.

Inspired by the intricate elements found within the Arizona Desert, a range of artworks and designs have been developed from an investigation of the Worth Global Style Network (WGSN) ‘Euphoric’ Trend forecast for S/S 2022 and the ‘Awestruck’ and ‘Rebooted Nature’ menswear trends for A/W 2023.

A range of primary research was gathered through virtual visits to photographic galleries of Arizona botanical gardens, Sonra Desert museum and various scenic views to inform initial hand drawn and large-scale painted collages. Visual investigations sourced useful imagery include observational drawings of animal skins and form, minerals, stone and colours from small insects such as scorpions. A large collage was created using textured paintings to mimic textural surfaces found on larger rocks, cliff front and panoramic landscapes.

Collection one is inspired by daytime Arizona and the botanical gardens to produce fabrics suitable for unisex summer sportswear/skatewear and handmade fashion accessories.

Collection two relates to night time and sunset colour palettes, with nature / nightlife views to produce fabrics suitable for unisex chilled / athleisure skate and evening wear.

Both collections include a range of artworks created by drawing, collage and lino-printing methods, which have been digitally manipulated using Adobe Creative Suite. Designs have been digitally printed onto jersey fabrics which take on the high shine colour palette, emphasizing the vibrant and translucent qualities of the surfaces found across the vast desert.

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