‘Historical Opulence’ is a collection of conversational prints inspired by a recent visit to Manhattan, New York. The eclectic architectural exterior and interiors of some of the city’s most iconic buildings, such as the Empire State and The Chrysler Buildings, were used as a starting point for this project.

Delving into the past this collection is an exploration of ancient Egyptian patterns that inspired the design of these buildings, combined with the 1900’s -1930’s American Art Deco era, Japanese Art Deco florals from paintings and objects at the Victoria & Albert Museum and the French-Russian fashion design illustrator Erte. 

Saima has produced these unique pieces to provide individual personality through the use of hand-drawn and hand-painted qualities, which are digitally enhanced and further screen and digitally printed onto luxury fabrics such as Kingswood Linen, Silk and Silk Velvet Devore. 

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