Geonature offers two collections – a bespoke collection for the hospitality and hotel industry, and a commercial collection for transport design. Vahekeny has explored plant and natural forms, alongside insects and fauna; and has also examined structural qualities found within cityscapes alongside the 2020 / 2021 trend and colour report ‘Multi-Local’ from Heimtextil 2020 international trade fair. 

Vahekeny has explored these diverse areas through methods of photographic research, and drawn studies incorporating a wide variety of painting processes, before taking these to the computer to digitally manipulate. The transport collection has been inspired by renowned textile designers such as Enid Marx, and the hospitality collection made reference to design companies including Timorous Beasties, and others housed at the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre. 

Designs have been printed by repeat registration using a range of techniques such as devore, flock and foil printing onto different fabric substrates, both as fabric samples to obtain different textural qualities, and to take to the computer using Adobe Creatie Suite and AVA CAD CAM as part of the inherent design process. 

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