‘Reverie Florale’ explores themes of romance and being ‘stuck in a place of pleasant thought’ teaming busy florals with ornate design. Inspired by 1940s imagery and pattern, this collection of designs for interior fabrics and wallcoverings is a response to the forecasted trend ‘Reverie Love and Lyricism’ which brings a modern interpretation of historic florals and damask structures. 

Scarlett created a series of detailed original paintings from elegant floral displays at Liberty of London, featuring a wide variety of flowers and plant forms including roses, poppies and carnations. 

Vintage jewellery from the 1940s and keepsakes, which evoke a sense of being treasured, have been drawn and painted before taking through to digital design to work alongside the floral imagery. The final collection of printed wallpapers and interior fabrics complement each other, with fabrics including chiffons, rich velvets and linens, alongside textured non-woven wallpapers. Colours include soft pinks and lilac hues, sitting on rich purple tones, with design structures reminiscent of French vintage fabric designs. 

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